Alta S. Baker
Founder, President, & CEO
Safe Haven Enterprises, LLC

Alta S. Baker is the Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Safe Haven Enterprises, LLC – a unique and rapidly growing, Louisiana licensed Class A General Construction and Manufacturing Corporation located in Jennings, Louisiana.  In 1998, Alta was involved in a hazardous gas release on a job site – an unforgettable experience that made her realize that personnel and property in many work environments needed additional protection.  As a result, she began research and development of buildings that would provide the maximum hazard protection possible.

Safe Haven provides protection for both government and private sector businesses.  Blast resistant modular buildings, doors and windows are located in oil and gas facilities worldwide.  Offshore facilities provided Safe Haven the opportunity to provide blast resistant and DNV certified buildings, a first in the industry.

Under her direction, Safe Haven includes divisions manufacturing U.S. Department of State certified doors, windows, and louvers.  These products provide 15-minute and 60-minute forced entry/ballistic resistant security in U.S. Embassy buildings and petrochemical facilities around the world.  Alta quickly added to this with her Louisiana General Contractor License by providing U.S. Embassy interior wall hardening methods for forced entry/ballistic resistance to provide extra protection in the event of blast or forced entry advances toward the embassy.  Safe Haven also provides environmental upgrades to embassies and compounds worldwide.  Alta moved complete complex facilities into Iraq within 24 hours of the fall of Baghdad.

Following Hurricane Katrina, Alta’s daughter, Victoria – an attorney in New Orleans, joined Safe Haven to manage the government contracting division. 


  • 2015 Department of Commerce National District Export Council of the Year
  • 2014 New York Woman in Construction Woman Owned Business of the Year.  
  • 2012, Inducted into WBE Hall of Fame, Dallas, Texas
  • 2009, Faces of Trade Award presented by Congressman Charles Boustany for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
  • 2007 Minority Enterprise Executive Council and Minority Enterprise Advocate Magazine (MEA) recognized the achievements of Alta in the “Fifty Influential Entrepreneurs in Business, “Applauding the Vision of Success”. 
  • 2005 Entrepreneurial Star Award    
  • 2005 Enterprising Woman of the Year
  • 2004 Women’s Business Enterprise National Council: Applause Award, Washington, DC and Women Business Owner Salutee
  • 2003 Louisiana Board of Commerce and Louisiana Economic Development Lantern Award


  • Key note speaker at Project Tsunami, Washington, DC
  • Cover and feature story in Enterprising Women magazine
  • Cover and feature story in WBE Magazine.
  • March, 2004 Keynote speaker at Women Trading Globally conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada spending three days in training with women who formed the first Iraqi Governing Council sponsored by Department of Commerce
  • White House invitation to Pres. George W. Bush debriefing on proposed tax changes and their effects on small business.
  • Testify before Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship on “The Effects of Hurricane Katrina on women owned businesses”


  • Chair, Louisiana District Export Council (LDEC)
  • Chair Emeritus, Women Business Enterprise National Council Women’s Leadership FORUM
  • Founding Member, Women’s Business Enterprise Council South
  • Member, Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance
  • Founding Member, Women Business Enterprise National Council 
  • National Founding Partner, Women Impacting Public Policy